VBF has a number of surveys designed to help us study and learn.

  • VBF Survey

    In order to complete this valuable survey at your leisure, we have included a .pdf version of it for printing and mailing. To use the .pdf version, you must have a copy of Adobe's Acrobat Reader, which is available here.

    This survey is to be completed by the parents of children with hemangioma. The information will be used to provide summary data and will prove useful for future work by the VBF. All information will be kept in the strictest of confidence.


  • Doctor Visit Survey

    VBF would like to assess your visit(s) or communication(s) with any doctor(s) regarding your quest to learn about a birthmark type, treatment options or prognosis. You do not have to put your name on this survey, but you need to put the name of the doctor(s) on the survey so that we may assess the quality of information that was provided to you and the manner in which it was provided. We will be sharing this information with the doctor(s) so that they can evaluate their manner of presenting this information to families affected by a vascular birthmark and the quality of that information. We believe that the doctors need to know how the families feel about their visits. We hope that based on the findings, they will view this as an improvement opportunity. We also want to use this as an opportunity to share with doctors who are doing an outstanding job. We ask that you fill out one survey for each doctor that you have seen. If you cannot remember the exact date of a visit, put the closest month and year that you can remember. If you had multiple appointments with this doctor please base your responses on your general experience with this doctor. If the experiences differed drastically for each appointment, please fill out a separate survey for each appointment you wish to evaluate. Fill out as much information about the name and location of the doctor as possible. Results will not be shared publicly, but will be shared with the individual doctors.

    VBF Doctor Visit Survey